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Discover Legal Resourcing & Outsourcing With USA and Indian Lawyers
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In this continuously changing legal and business environment FacebookLawAid respond quickly to our client Attorneys with clear, up-to-date and practical advice in an attempt to promote a prompt facilitation of their commercial transactions.

  • 1. Application for case management system
  • 2. Human resource for your case handlings
  • 3. Human resource for your documentations
  • 4. Indian attorneys for case drafting
  • 5. Human resources for handling your calls
  • 6. Human resource for handling your claims
  • 7. Automated systems for marketing such as
    SEO, Digital and Social

We follow the legal process and we offer a full range of services that includes No-Fault Collection, Intakes, Adjustment, Obtaining medical records, Pr-Lit, Litigation, Arbitration, Drafting documentation, IT consulting, Risk calculations, product development, code compliance, inspections, legal testimony, promotions, Social & Digital Marketing, Contact center IVR Services, plus much more. We work with attorneys and executives all over the world to give our clients the accuracy they need.

Legal Operational Services | Call center services | ITES and SAAS services | Coding and imaging services | Digital & Social marketing services

No-Fault /PI



& Claims

1. Data Entry & Filing Suits
2. Intakes & Image Association
3. Medical records and accident cases
4. Medical summarization and chronology
5. Taking intake calls & Insurance adjustments
6. Case drafting & Prepare Legal documents
7. Document review
8. Coding and indexing of legal document

Lit, Pre-Lit,




1. Litigation Support
2. Affidavit of service
3. Assignment of Benefits
4. Summons & Complaints
5. Answer & Demands
6. Discoveries & Responses
7. Summary Judgment Motion
8. Bill of particular
9. Case Management Services
10. Document Production
11. Legal Research..

About LawAid

Are you an attorney or law firm in need of assistance from time to time? We at LawAid can service your account through Resourcing!

Assigning workload to LawAid Resourcing. is just one aspect of our effort to develop efficiency. We work on harnessing technology and adopting new working practices to enhance our client service, and given the competitive market we will work within, off-shoring and LPO play a part in delivering a better client experience.

Legal Technology

The Best of Legal Tech for Solo and Small Firms 2014, Cost-containment and competition concerns facing small-to-mid-size firms that cannot afford a full-time IT staff now drive LawAid custom solutions incorporating multiple integrated products.

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Legal process outsourcing services