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The legal profession has an increasingly integral, critical, role to play. It is very essential to be cautious about the compliance of all legal provisions and stipulations at the initial stage itself of any project, so as to avoid later complications and harassment. In this continuously changing legal and business environment, we respond quickly to our clients with clear, up-to-date and practical advice in an attempt to promote a prompt facilitation of their commercial transactions.

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For us improvement means a continuous process and so is the satisfaction of our client Attorneys. We constantly keep inculcating the views of our clients and update our operational methodology and delivery process accordingly. This approach helps in transforming the clients business to stay competitively in this dynamically changing business environment and to help them attain the best possible results.


We always work closely with the clients to understand them better and give in everything to help our clients achieve. their desired objectives. Our innovative solutions always leverage the existing investments of our clients to its maximum and henceforth culminating in improved financial and operational efficiency.

Integrating Core Element to Law Buisness

Law Aid is being chosen by clients worldwide due to several reasons. Law Aid providers worldwide vary in the array of services that they offer. In general, the services include paralegal services, legal research, litigation assistance, legal transcription, incorporation assistance, and patent/trademark registration. A provider like Law Aid offers most of the possible outsourced legal service that you can think of.

LawAid Exponentials

Law Aid offers cost-effectiveness by having legal work rendered efficiently and with reduced expenses, provides eligible manpower when you need it. Law Aid promotes efficiency since the turnaround time of tasks is shorter due to difference in time zones. The workload assigned to a lawyer in the India by an attorney or law firm from the United States can often be ready for review when the latter returns to the office the following day, if necessary.

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Legal Technology Information System (Beta) : LawAid brings to you information technology and e-commerce (LTISbeta) as Your consulting partner, working with all aspects of our clients’ businesses, transactional, non transactional, finance, billings, including employment matters, licensing, technology ownership and distribution, acquisitions, divestitures, and other matters.

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Litigation Support • Case drafting • Case research • Prepare Legal documents • Document review • Coding and indexing of legal documents • Case Management using Needles, Legal Files, Visual files and others. • Chasing medical records and other documents through voice and process support. • Case mapping. • Document Production. • Document Management. • Document Coding. • Legal Management Services • Client Specific Task • Information Technology Solutions