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Law Aid Legal Process Outsourcing allows you to have your legal services deliver through our unit based in India.
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Legal Process Outsourcing

LawAid specializes in providing complete back office, contact center and IT enabled services to Lawyers. Our services are offered exclusively in the legal domain, from solo lawyers to large law firms and are jurisdiction independent. Using our services, you can reduce your monthly expenses at least by 40%-50%.

Please see the following legal expertise (Expert lawyers, paralegals and software professional 24/7

• Personal Injury Protections (PIP)
• No-fault collection
• Car Accident and
• Bodily Injury
• Litigation, Arbitration & Settlement.

Please see the outsourcing categories in which we deliver services:

  • Legal Pleadings Outsourcing
  • Bankruptcy Filing Outsourcing Legal Publications
  • Bankruptcy Filing, Pleadings & Documentation Legal Research
  • Contract Drafting Outsourcing Legal Research Outsourcing
  • Contract Drafting Services & Contract
  • Monitoring/Management
  • Litigation Document Management
  • Litigation support Litigation Document Management Outsourcing
  • Litigation Support Outsourcing Proof reading
  • Medical Malpractice Legal Support Outsourcing Medical Malpractice Litigation Support Outsourcing
  • Contract Management Outsourcing Medical Malpractice Outsourcing
  • Contract Monitoring Outsourcing Medico-Legal Outsourcing
  • Document Drafting like standard contracts, agreements, letters to the clients, patent applications etc
  • Medico-Legal Support Services
  • Document Review Outsourcing Paralegal Outsourcing Services
  • Document Review, Electronic Discovery and Litigation Services
  • Paralegal Support Services
  • Electronic Discovery Outsourcing Patent drafting
  • Intellectual Property research--substantive and administrative
  • Legal Billing activities like preparation of
  • invoices, collation of time sheets etc.
  • Legal Documentation Outsourcing Simple legal filings_
  • Legal Pleadings & Documentation



Law Aid ("the Firm") is a full service and research provider. We offer comprehensive legal operational practice in the areas of  No-fault Collection, PIP, Bodily Injury, Health Claim and Medical Malpractice, Real Estate, Intellectual Property Rights, Bankruptcy,

Law Aid Legal Process Outsourcing allows you to have your legal services be outsourced to legal service providers based in India. Recently, corporations or law jurisdiction have their legal services outsourced. Additionally, many lawyers utilize our services to improve their responsiveness to their clients and manage their world load.

Summary of Pre Litigation and lit

• Data Entry
• Filling Suits
• Intakes/Image Association
• Medical summarization and chronology
• Taking intake calls
• Litigation Support
• Case drafting
• Date entry of medical records and accident cases
• Prepare Legal documents
• Document review
• Coding and indexing of legal documents
• Affidavits
• Answer & Demands
• Discoveries & Responses
• Default Judgment
• Summary Judgment Motion
• Bill of particular
• Case Management using Needles, Legal Files, Visual files and others
• Chasing medical records and other documents through voice and process support
• Case mapping
• Document Production
• Document Management
• Document Coding
• Research

What Law Aid offer

Law Aid providers worldwide vary in the array of services that they offer. In general, the services include paralegal services, legal research, litigation assistance, legal transcription, incorporation assistance, and patent/trademark registration.

1. Legal Operational Services
2. Call center services
3. ITES and SaaS services
4. Coding and imaging services
5. Digital & Social Marketing

Personal injury Expertise (Not limited)

Assisting attorneys in our personal injury department with all aspects of the litigation process;
• Assisting with drafting complaints and initial case documents;
• Coordinating and managing service of process;
• Conducting or coordinating fact investigations;
• Assisting with drafting and serving non
• Managing document productions and case documents used in litigation;
• Assisting with drafting discovery "meet and confer" correspondence;
• Assisting with drafting fact sections of mediation briefs and settlement correspondence;
• Assisting with preparing pre-trial and trial documents;
• Coordinating expert witness retention;
• Summarizing depositions;
• Conducting non-complex research assignments;
• Preparing non-complex memoranda of law, if requested;
• Organizing client materials and firm work product, includi
systems, and other technology commonly used by law firms in litigation;
• Performing all tasks with a commitment to providing superior service to firm clients.

No Fault Collection:
Law firm Back Office
Law Aid provides Personal Injury claim services to its clients in various areas; No fault accident claim, General Negligence, Personal Injuries, Slip & fall, Excessive & wrongful drugs, and Many more Etc., The lawyers and paralegals of the company can deliver the following:
• Filing of Suits
• Bill of particular
• Taking intake calls.
• Intakes/Image Association
• Discoveries & Responses
• Summary Judgment Motion
• Filing of Suits
• Bill of particular
• Taking intake calls.
• Intakes/Image Association
• Discoveries & Responses
• Summary Judgment Motion

Legal Document Review Professionals and Support Personnel

• Attorneys
• Paralegals
• Researchers
• Coders
• Case Managers
• Project Managers
• Translators
• Managing Clerks