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LawAid Case management services designed and built for law firms, solicitors and lawyers. The legal software application provides an integrated framework that allows partners and clients to participate in sharing technology, legal services and applications with other law firms. The result is greater technology innovation, greater functionality, greater choice and improved return on investment.

As attorneys and law firms compete for clients they are routinely challenged to deliver services at lower costs with greater efficiency, thus firms develop practice-specific processes and utilize contemporary technologies to assist in meeting such challenges.

Law practice management processes and technologies include case and matter management, time and billing, litigation support, research, communication and collaboration, data mining and modeling, and data security, storage, and archive accessibility.

The Litigation Support Services by LTISbeta
(Legal Technology Information System)
LTISbeta is pleased to offer THE LITIGATION SUPPORT Services.

  • Traditional litigation consulting services, such as lost profits analyses, personal injury claims, damages calculations, bankruptcy consultation, and expert witness testimony Specialized services for divorce, business valuation, insurance claims, and employee fraud engagements. Services when claims are made against accountants and in criminal tax cases Services directly to the court, as a joint expert, or through the arbitration and mediation processes.


1 – Automating Litigation Support provides several case scenarios comparing the cost of manually performing litigation support to the cost of automating litigation support.

2 – Document Review prepares you to conduct a productive review and ensures effective use of your time.

3 - Electronic Discovery outlines what litigation professionals should know about this emerging field, including the steps involved in the electronic discovery process from locating and identifying the data to eventually producing the data.

4 – Document Numbering discusses the various strategies and processes available for document numbering.

5 – Document Reproduction explains the technology associated with imaging and other electronic processes and discusses the pros and cons of each.

6 – Document Management instructs you on how to develop an effective document management database.

7 – Depositions and Technology outlines the technology and techniques for scheduling, preparing for, taking, and summarizing depositions.

8 – Medical Record Analysis discusses strategies behind gathering medical records and preparing effective summaries.

9 – The Internet provides a brief history of the Internet, defines intranets and extranets, and outlines the considerations associated with utilizing these technologies.

10 – Document Repositories discusses the benefits of both hard copy and web repositories and outlines considerations for using each.

11 – Trial Presentation Systems outlines the options available for developing a trial presentation system from a simple foam core presentation to a more advanced multi-media presentation.

12 – Developing a Litigation Support Plan illustrates the importance of and outlines the considerations for developing a litigation support plan.

13 – Case Management & Knowledge Management defines and distinguishes case management from other practice and knowledge management programs and discusses the benefits of incorporating them into your practice.

Best of IT solution by LawAid

LawAid cloud application (or cloud app) is an application program that functions in the cloud, with some characteristics of a pure desktop app and some characteristics of a pure Web app.

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