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LawAid Benefit

There are several benefits to the idea of using LPO to manage various types of legal services. One of the more common advantages has to do with managing legal costs. In many cases, corporations can outsource relatively uncomplicated legal matters to outside legal firms for a fraction of what it would cost to have the higher paid in-house legal team handle those matters.

Labor cost up to 60% less | Time zone | English speaking attorneys | Common law doctrines | Indian attorneys with US/UK qualification | 24/7 Working and Reporting | Where competition not ruling over Quality


In partnership with many of the most respected law firm, Law offices and lawyers in the market, our aim is to create additional value for what we call our "Alliance Partners", identifying and developing new opportunities, new markets and new practices for you. Law firm, Law offices and lawyers do not need to open their own LPO. We never thought but believe in becoming each others' strength. Outsourcing workload to Law Aid is just one aspect of our effort to develop efficiency. We work on harnessing technology and adopting new working practices to enhance our client service, and given the competitive market we will work within, off-shoring and LPO play a part in delivering a better client experience

Best-in-class management practices

LawAid (India) is considered to be a major destination for legal outsourcing due to its availability of affordable English-speaking lawyers, some of whom are UK and/or US educated, and due to a legal system that is based on English common law. Recently, new frontiers for legal outsourcing have emerged in geographic areas closer to their target client markets. Other established LPO providers can be found in Argentina, Australia, China, France, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea, each offering unique advantages concomitant with their distinctive geographic location, language capabilities and regional expertise.“There is natural arbitrage between the excellent talented and low cost professionals in India, compared to the US and other developed jurisdictions, especially in the litigation management space”, believes Adarsh Singh, managing partner Nomosots, one of the Pioneer LPO in India.

LawAid (India), by way of example, is an increasingly desirable LPO centre for the U.S. client market due to its proximity in terms of its western location, time zone similarity, and cultural ties to the United States. Lawaid and Its associates utilizing onshore and offshore US and UK-licensed attorneys as part of their outsourcing offerings a means to create greater quality controls, expand into more sophisticated offerings, and instill higher confidence in the ethical treatment of client sensitive data.

Domain expertise

In a fast changing world where expertise can be defined in many different ways, LawAid defines domain expertise as knowledge, experience and competence that have been acquired through a consistent track record of successful projects accomplished in various domain areas of Legal process outsourcing and legal technology. Our approach is to utilize a team of domain experts to work collaboratively to meet the client’s business requirement. This enables us to ensure that we deliver solutions that actually meet clients expectations and in the shortest possible time.

Areas of expertise

We offer solutions incorporating the true needs and risks of our clients, and help them be anticipatory rather than merely reactionary. An efficient and effective approach ensures that our client's demand is met and their interests preserved. Our focus, values, quick turnaround time and attention to every subtle detail enables us to be a vital element in the growth of our clients. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Business Law| Legal Contract | Partnership | Carriage of Goods | Sale of Goods |Incorporation of Company | Winding up of Company | Litigation against Company | Arbitration | Trust | Information Technology |Service Marks/ Patents | Trademarks | Copyrights | Comparative analysis

Financial stability

Financial stability with LawAid can be defined as a condition in which the financial system – comprising of financial intermediaries, markets and market infrastructures – is capable of withstanding shocks, thereby reducing the likelihood of disruptions in the financial intermediation process which are severe enough to significantly impair the allocation of savings to profitable investment opportunities. LawAid deliver combination of characteristics such as managing IT risk, Economic risk, Human resource risk, If not being maintained, and then it is likely that the financial system is moving in a direction of becoming less stable, and at some point might exhibit instability.