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Law Aid Legal Process Outsourcing allows you to have your legal services deliver through our unit based in India.
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Legal Outsourcing Services by US and Indian Lawyers
  • 1 LawAid: The success of our company is due to our strategy that we offer our clients the best ethical and quality legal management service under one roof
  • 2 LawAid: Law Aid Services include paralegal services, legal research, litigation assistance, ITES services and legal transcription

In this continuously changing legal and business environment FacebookLawAid respond quickly to our client lawyers with clear, up-to-date and practical advice in an attempt to promote a prompt facilitation of their commercial transactions.

Our services are offered exclusively in the legal domain, from solo lawyers to large law firms. Using our services, you can reduce your monthly expenses at least by 40%-50%.

We offer a full range of services that includes No-Fault Collection and Personal Injury Support such as, Data entry, Legal Documentation, Legal Drafting, Research, Intakes, Adjustment, Obtaining medical records, Pr-Lit, All Litigation and Arbitration. IT consulting, Risk calculations, product development, code compliance, inspections, legal testimony, promotions, Social & Digital Marketing, Contact center IVR Services, plus much more. We work with attorneys and executives all over the world to give our clients the accuracy they need.

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PI Claims


1. Legal Records Entry
2. Intakes & Scans
3. Obtaining Medical Records
4. Case Management with Daily Updates
5. Lawyers Contact Center, Take & Receive Calls
6. Case Monitoring and Calendar Updates
7. Legal Document Preparations
8. Drafting and Research Services
9. Court Trials
10. Legal Research
11. Complete PI & No-Fault Legal documentations

Lit & Pre-Lit




1. Litigation Support
2. Medical Summarization with Chronology
3. Drafting Summons with Complaints
4. Drafting Bill of Particular
5. Drafting Answer & Demands
6. Drafting Discoveries & Responses
7. Drafting Summary Judgment Motion
8. Court Docs
9. Prepare and Draft Motions
10. Document Production

For Lawyers By LawAid

Are you an attorney or law firm in need of assistance from time to time? We at LawAid can service your account through Outsourcing!

Law Aid Legal Process Outsourcing allows you to have your legal services to be outsourced to the large labor pool develop by Lawaid (USA) based in India.

LawAid Legal Tech

The Best of Legal Tech for Solo and Small Firms, Cost-containment and competition concerns facing small-to-mid-size firms that cannot afford a full-time IT staff now drive LawAid custom solutions incorporating multiple integrated products.

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