The best part about legal process outsourcing is that you are going to reduce your costs up to a huge amount and that means it is a way of saving for your law firm.



We offer a full range of services that includes No-Fault Collection, Intakes, Adjustment, Obtaining medical records, Pr-Lit, Litigation, Arbitration, Drafting documentation, IT consulting, Risk calculations, product development, code compliance, inspections, legal testimony, promotions, Social & Digital Marketing, Contact center, IVR Services, more...

We are the experienced team of lawyers who have been doing the very best work to make success happen to you and your firm. In this world of neck to neck competition you need to make sure that you have something that others do not have and we will give you the X factor you need to be on the top. So you just have to trust us on this and we will make sure that you success is in your proximity.

We Deal Legally with our Ethics:
There is this fact which we make sure that you understand which is we do not just read legal ethics we practice it as well. We know that your security is important and that is why we keep all of your information, data, and client details confidential. This is why Lawyers Buddy has been able to impress many law firms and assisted them on their cases.

Advantages of Dealing with Lawyers Buddy:
We have hired the best professional lawyers who have completed their degrees from the world’s best law schools which makes us the best in the world.

We deal with managing the processes like document filing, data analysis and management, case studies, arbitration processes, litigation processes, legal and Paralegal services, etc.

We help you cut your costs and you save a lot of money which you were unnecessarily spending on these processes.

We offer you a 7 day trial period in which we can tell you more about LPO process and how we work to get you the success and fame you have been waiting for.

Our Global Presence:
It does not matter to us where you are located in east, south, north or west part of the world because we are offering you are services in every part of the world. We will make sure to never disappoint you.


About LawAid LPO

Assigning workload to LawAid Resourcing. is just one aspect of our effort to develop efficiency. We work on harnessing technology and adopting new working practices to enhance our client service, and given the competitive market we will work within, off-shoring and LPO play a part in delivering a better client experience.

As we all know that it is not at all easy to leave your mark and influence on your clients in the market and this is why every law firm needs to work on their working demeanor’s. Now is the time that you start approaching the LPO providers so that all of your legal processes are managed easily and efficiently. The best part about legal process outsourcing is that you are going to reduce your costs up to a huge amount and that means it is a way of saving for your law firm.

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Empowering Lawyers:

  • Personal Injury claim (Plaintiff)

  • No-Fault Collection (Plaintiff)

  • Pre-Litigation & Litigation

  • Case Management & Imaging

  • Call Center Services

  • Digital & Social Marketing Services

  • ITES and SAAS Services

  • Cloud and Server Administration