We are a LPO (Legal Process outsourcing) firm



Lawaid follow the legal process and we offer a full range of services that includes No-Fault Collection, Intakes, Adjustment, Obtaining medical records, Pr-Lit, Litigation, Arbitration, Drafting documentation, IT consulting, Risk calculations, product development, code compliance, inspections, legal testimony, promotions, Social & Digital Marketing, Contact center IVR Services, plus much more.



Assigning workload to LawAid Resourcing. is just one aspect of our effort to develop efficiency. We work on harnessing technology and adopting new working practices to enhance our client service, and given the competitive market we will work within, off-shoring and LPO play a part in delivering a better client experience.

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Offering for Lawyers

  • Personal Injury claim (Plaintiff)
  • No fault accident claim (Plaintiff)
  • Pre-Litigation & Litigation
  • Case Management & Imaging
  • Call Center Services
  • Digital & Social Marketing Services
  • ITES and SAAS Services
  • Cloud and Server Administration